In today’s architectural trends, Wood in a floor, or a highlight wall, or custom staircase brings the warmth back in.

The vividness of grain and colour in a red maple floor, the soft tones of yellow poplar on a wall, or the true strength of white oak in a stair system can completely anchor a home.

How can the element Wood enhance the beauty and balance of your living space?

Explore these areas in the descriptions below


Hardwood and Softwood Flooring

Like the footsteps which walk upon it, hardwood flooring is brilliantly alive and moving. The nature of open or closed grain, the character and colour of different species, play into the flow of your home. Combining sophistication and finesse, custom wood flooring is a classic feature for many homeowners.

And then there are the softwood floors for that warm old fashioned rustic feel. Either tight red knot white pine, or select hemlock do just that for a surprisingly long lasting floor. Yes, it will mark~ and there is character of this old charm.

Walls and Ceiling

For those looking to bring warmth into their space, there isn’t much that can compete with accent wood finishes. Wainscoting is the classic. From wood mouldings and trim, to custom wooden wall, the colour pallets are limitless. The soft warmth of yellow poplar, the boldness of heart and sap wood in white ash, scorched and brushed clear red spruce are just a couple of examples.

Stairs and Components

Very little compares to the polished wood of an attractive staircase. Staircases are one of the top statement pieces in any house. Through sturdiness and elegance, the flow of your home can continue seamlessly to multiple floors.

We are in the business of building stunning staircases; the type of staircase that leaves your visitors speechless… because a true statement piece speaks for itself.

Exterior Wood Siding

Whichever material is placed on the outside of your house, it must confidently weather any storm. That wood siding must be high-functioning with reliable durability. Spruce, hemlock, red and white cedar offer that.

We carry a variety of siding types, including: clapboard siding, shiplap siding, beveled, profiled or classic board and batten. Your most difficult decision will be choosing which you like best.

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