What We Do

Here at Amos Wood, the foundation of our service is our knowledge of wood, and how our products are best used.  Making sure of the design of the product with our clients, is foremost. Whether this is selecting mouldings or wall covering, duplicating old architectural mouldings, or creating a dining room suite, we listen to what you need, and make sure we understand.

Selecting the right wood and right grade of wood, whatever the project, gives the desired effect, and places cost effectively. Our supply chain is broad, and prompt.  This includes a wide variety of species.  We used to offer a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody, wood coming from managed forests through our shops, but the cost became prohibitive. FSC wood is still available, however.

Custom kiln drying client wood, and running as needed, we do.

Knowledge from a lifetime:  products presented promptly, accurately, and cost effectively.


Services of Amos Wood listed:

  • Purchase from standing inventories of stock moulding , V-Joint and D4S board in white Pine
  • Mill custom thickness, width, length and profile
  • Custom kiln drying
  • Run any size run whether 20linear feet, 200lft, or 15,000lft
  • Match historical or custom architectural mouldings
  • Design mouldings with the client
  • Run custom flooring to specification
  • Source and Procure specialty woods for special projects
  • Custom Unique Furniture, for home, office, or business
  • Professional Consultations, from plans or on site
  • Combined furniture and construction experience of staff:  117 years and counting