Moulding & Trim

Enjoy ideas with us at Amos Wood, to explore beyond the ordinary.  With a little consideration, moulding and trim, for both exterior and interior, can present a character, a feeling and style in a room, and throughout your home.  We can help you discover how to enrich, define and add style and beauty to a space, without breaking the bank.  At Amos Wood we manufacture heritage and contemporary mouldings, offering a wide selection of in-stock profiles as well as timely production of any custom reproduction.  All our mouldings are run in real, solid wood, most typically white pine, yellow birch, hard maple, red and white oak, and yellow poplar.  We can work with fingerjoint pine on request.  Outstanding quality of rough material, clean and accurate cutting in either of our moulders produces an unsurpassed quality of finished material.

Shapes & Profiles – please enjoy the extensive catalogue we present.  If you have historic profiles to match, please do bring a small piece, no matter how rotten it became.  We can duplicate it!  Drop in, call or email.  Helping our customers learn what the possibilities are, and providing timely delivery of consistently high quality products is what we do.  And yes the price is right. Shop and compare. You will find our convenience, quality, and price very appealing.



Selecting mouldings is very much a personal choice. However, there are a number of factors to consider.  Normally your baseboards and casings will be the same profile in a given area of the house. This profile brings that part of the home together.  The thicker the moulding, the more profile, or shape, it will have. Better quality mouldings like ours are ¾” thick.  These profiles give the room a much richer look. Generally suburban homes come with mouldings 3/8″ thick.  The crisper the profile line, the more the moulding will stand out. By using finger joint or solid wood the profile lines are very crisp. With MDF, the lines are less crisp and hence will not stand out as well.  The size of the profile to the room is important. As a rule of thumb we suggest the following:

Ceiling Height Baseboard Casing Crowns
8 ft. 4″ to 5″ 2 1/2″ 4 1/2″
9 ft. 5″ plus 3 1/2″ 5 1/2″
Over 9 ft. 5″ plus 3 1/2″ with backband 5 1/2″ plus