Interior Wall & Ceiling

Wood on walls and ceilings gives a particular character and feel in a room and in a house.  Width and profile both influence the effect.  The different face widths can run from 2 ¼” to 5 ¼” or wider.  The V itself is a nice neat 1/8″ meeting neatly at the bottom of the V.  Most industrial product is wide and shallow, just not quite as elegant.

Then of course, there are the different wood species with their own character in colour and grain.  Eastern White Pine is known for its rich warm feeling.  Knotty gives one character, clear gives altogether another.  As wainscoting, various of the hardwoods offer another look and feel.  And a nicely proportioned face width of V-joint, painted or dyed, can offer its own way to bring colour and texture other than drywall.  Come in and have a look at our sample areas to see for yourself.