Ahh~ the world of wood floors!  There are so many possibilities.  Hardwood vs softwood, light vs dark, wide vs narrow, mixing sizes, mixing species.

Each species has such characteristics, such colour.  Each finish offers its own compliment.  All are very personal and have style of their own.

Tongue and groove (T&G) flooring is ¾” thick, with a tongue on one side, groove on the other.  We offer it in any custom size, but it is usually made at 2 ¼”, 3 ¼”, 4 ¼” in hardwood and softwoods like tamarack,  red spruce, and Eastern hemlock.  These sizes optimize certain grades of wood suitable for those sizes.  Wider in hardwood and pine is accomplished by grading wood for this purpose.  In White Pine and Red Pine, 5 ¼”, 7 ¼”, and 9″ can be done.  Fastening in done through the tongue so the surface is without fastener.  Wide hardwoods can be secured with screws and decorative plugs, known as plank floor.  This takes fairly select wood.  Pine can be laid the same way, and with wider planks.  Decorative headed nails can give an old feel to a new floor.  These days it seems yellow poplar is getting rave reviews in wide board floor!  We made a custom random width 12′ long yellow poplar floor just recently.  Are you getting the idea?!

Our showroom and staff can show you a variety of this world of wood floors.  It would be our delight to help you make an informed choice.