Exterior Siding

Here at Amos Wood, we make a variety of siding types, from basic clapboard siding, to beveled, to shiplap, some profiled, and your classic board and batten.  These days there is an innovative trend to reversing the board and batten, for another look.  Wood species used are white pine, red spruce, red and white cedar.  We also offer thermally treated hard maple as siding, installed on a clip system.  This material comes with a 25 year warranty against decay. The heat treatment collapses the cell structure, making expansion/contraction almost non-existant.  Choosing a profile for your project is a matter of taste, though the architectural style of your home of cottage should be taken into consideration.

Standard Siding Profiles: typical widths 4″, 6″, 8″


Custom Shapes & Sizes: what suites your project?

We also offer a fine bandsawn surface on request.  This subtle texture really holds paint.  This can be done on corner board and trim as well.  We can duplicate any historic header, backband, rake and crown mouldings your repair, renovation, addition or new build may need.  Exterior trim is generally a very custom item.  Proportion and style are so completely different from one home to another.  Blending into existing historic trim, either as repair or addition, we can duplicate the profile.  Of course, soffits and porch ceiling want to be sheathed in a classy dressed V-joint or a shiplap to your specific size.  Bandsawn texture could be done here too.